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Middlehammer Legacy Project 2018 - Update #1

A bit later than planned (sorry!) here is the first update on the Middlehammer Legacy Project 2018

Amazingly we have had 45 people say they are up for it - WOW! - that would be enough for four War Bands!

If you are interested in getting involved but haven't signed up yet don't worry, the project is running until the end of May 2018 so there is still plenty of time. You can check out the background to the project and full rules here.

So far we've heard/seen people thinking about a suitably weird and wonderful range of ideas including a Mutant Ogre, classic plastic Beastmen, Minor Demons of Malal, classic chaos champions, Chaos Warriors, a Minotaur, and kit-bashed mutants!

Koen said he was debating between a Slaaneshi chaos warrior with lots of mutations or a dark elf dedicated to Slaanesh... but may just merge the two. And why the hell not?

Christian is going to produce a Chaos Warrior, with a cape, chunky armour, and possibly a Tzeentch style moon face!? The twist here is that Christian sculpts in a Middlehammer style, but doesn't paint his minis himself, so whoever wins this mini gets to paint it too!

Ross Whitehorn from Krakon Games ran a mini-poll to see which mini from his own excellent range from Krakon Games people thought he should paint, a fantastic idea which ended up with this selection:

"Cichol Gricenchos was one of the earliest Fomorian leaders, perhaps even the first. He bargained with dark powers to slay the Partholóin in a single night, but his treachery was undone at the plea of Tuan. The Partholóin rose from their graves and brought vengeance upon Cichol’s forces, leaving him a broken, desperate soul as a warning to others of his kind. His fall to darkness consumed him. He remains alone, bitter and plotting to destroy the followers of Partholón once more." - Fantastic stuff!

Joeseph Waldron is going to be painting/submitting something suitable from the new Circus of Corruption range from the Old School Miniatures company.

Check out the little Rotling perched on the Dumbell!

This handsome chap is Gunter Firkenshart, one of the Strong Men from the Kickstarter, which is running until April 14th 2018 if you fancy getting in on the action!

Gentleman Matt Gee also posted an example of the Purple and Off White colour scheme as a helpful reference. This isn't his entry for the project, rather it's something he is working on for his Mantic - Kings of War armies, which you can find out more about by following his new blog!

I love the vibrant blue skin tones on this big lug!

We've also had a debate about whether Chaos Dwarves are really Dwarves, or just short Chaos Warriors, having checked their True Dwarf ID cards in at the chaotic door? Debates about size of hat being an entirely separate can of worms...

I for one am going down the CD route, and for once I mean Chaos Dwarfs not Cross Dressing, although my interpretation of Mad Marik Trollbiter from the Citadel 1986 Chaos Dwarf Renegades release is Slaaneshi inspired, so we might end up combining the two to keep things in character....

It's obviously more Oldhammer than Middlehammer, but when searching through the lead pile this spiky little chap jumped out at me as a likely candidate.

I have by now (long after starting this post) got a fair bit of paint on him, but I'll save the pics for another post once I'm a bit happier with results. Besides, as close to finishing as I am we already have someone who is (pretty much) finished!

Chester Mike posted on 3rd March, just days after the project was launched!

"I should have been painting my Grenadier High Elves in preparation for their first outing tomorrow but I was having so much fun I decided to finish off my contribution to the Legacy project instead.
I say finished but I might go back and try to tidy up some areas and do a bit more highlighting. Maybe even make a few areas purple as I'm not sure it fits the brief enough... Overall I'm pretty happy though. Certainly a lot brighter than I originally intended and I've tried to pick put more detail than I usually do (I'm a tabletop standard painter at best). Most of all it was fun!
Over the course of painting I decided to change the fluff too because he really felt more like a Chaos Samurai with that helmet decoration and the ribbed effect on his armour. He is now going to be a Chaos Champion of Tzeentch from far kingdom of Nippon."

Blimey Mike! That was swift work. There is a huge amount of detail going on here, and I particularly admire going for animal print, which I fear even more than trying to paint tartan!
Finally, one of the people taking part is my good friend Al, who isn't a member of the Middlehammer group but loved the idea of the project and asked if he could join in. Damn straight you can Al! I'm hoping it will act like a gate way drug ;)

As Al needed a model to take part (his focus previously being LOTR and now mainly Star Wars miniatures, he lacks a proper lead pile, the poor sod) I selected this Chaos Sorcerer I picked up recently. At one point I thought he might be my own entry - as it says in the group description on Facebook: "Over sized weapons + YMCA poses = Middlehammer!" so this guy seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

As I say, Al mainly focuses on Star Wars miniatures, and is our Games Master for brilliant campaign of Star Wars: Imperial Assault - which I always simplify as being 'Star Wars Heroquest'. That is too simple an analogy, but it sort of sums it up while also signifying how much I love this game (to even mention it in the same breath as the hallowed HQ!)

Al has been busy painting up the whole set ready for the grand finale (hopefully happening over Easter) and has sent me some pictures of his work to whet my appetite for the game. He has certainly done that! Amazingly Al has not been painting very long at all, but has shown what can be achieved with a few on line tutorials and a very disciplined and patient painting style. I know the others members of our gaming circle with more painting history are all really impressed/a little bit sick with jealousy at the quality and speed of Al's output.

The Chaos Sorcerer will be Al's first metal miniature and he is keen to see how the experience differs from plastic and resin, but judging on the pictures below I think he's going to do just fine!

My character Fenn Signis (back right) is a Bad Ass M-F, but sadly we lost Gharkhan the Wookie in a recent mission and now I'm pretty sure we are screwed for the final mission. I miss you my stinky ol' buddy, and the way you eviscerated every last Storm Trooper in the room.
A couple of Nexu and a small band of Trandoshan Bounty Hunters! (my character has a blood feud with Bossk)

Really not looking forward to facing that bloody Chicken Walker in the final battle without our one-Wookie wrecking crew!

Sadly Red-cloaks in Star-Wars are not as easily disposable as Red-Shirts in Star-Trek. And Dark Helmet there is a bloody nightmare even if you do have a Jedi with you. Yeah... We're screwed. Can't wait!

Keep an eye out for more project updates soon - I'm really looking forward to seeing what other people are planning and hope to show some of them here as well as seeing lots of updates on the Middlehammer facebook page.


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