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Middlehammer Legacy Project 2019 - 40K Super Villains - Project Completed!

The theme for the Middlehammer Legacy Project 2019 was 40K Supervillains and boy did we have fun with it! :D

The 'Black and Neon' colour scheme was set by a dastardly Swede who shall remain nameless (Daniel Sarnblom. It was Dan. Daniel Dan Dan Dan. I'm blaming him) who came up with this ungodly suggestion, posted the picture below to the fb group, and then scarpered without submitting an entry! (bants ;p)

Thankfully this year has been a bit loose on the colour scheme and it morphed into 'Black' (or just 'dark' in some cases) and 'Any Bright Colour'. Quite a few people have gone for green which I think looks great, but across the whole bunch the colour scheme of the album cover is fairly well represented so I think we did a pretty good job for Mr Sarnblom ;)

In the end there were 13 entries from 11 people. Only two countries represented this year, but one of them was Australia and special mention should go to Dan Meakin as the person who got his in first despite it having to travel the furthest, and for waiting the longest to see the end results of the project.

As last year, there were actually enough entries, and two emerging factions within them, that it made sense to split them into two groups: The Tzar's Court and Disaster Incorporated each with their own share of  supervillains and henchmen and the odd sidekick thrown in for good measure. So we will have two lucky winners in the prize draw! :D

Some people provided full back story for their entries, others graciously left it up to me, and some gave a few pointers and I have filled in the gaps. Apologies to anyone who doesn't think my background fits with what they had in mind, but no apologies for the awful reworking of your names into those of the characters :p

Right! Let's meet the scum bags shall we?

The Tzar's Court:

The Tzar (Gary Lewis):
The origins of the 'Tzar's' outlook in life can be traced back to his birth. As a child he never knew his parents or his birthday and the oldest people he would mix with were in their twenties, as no one stayed around due to the artillerymen and women being the planets chief export. When asked about his Homeworld he would say that it was like Krieg's younger, awful brother as all he knew was the sounds and smells of the artillery core he was brought up in and the dirt and grime he lived in.

This changed for him when he was inducted into the Blood Drinkers Space Marine Chapter, his natural ability to hit targets at all ranges and in all conditions shone through and after the life changing programs he earn't his first Missile Launcher. Here was another way to destroy without his victims ever knowing him and as time went on he constantly looked for ways to remove as many from the field of battle without them having any idea whatsoever of how it was happening.

The second big change in his life was the battle of the Weaping Gully. All that could be seen from edge to edge was an approaching Waargh of thousands upon thousands of Orks. His job was to deliver a special payload into their midst to thin them down as best he could. This payload was one of the new virus missiles. When it hit the affect was astounding, within in minutes it took affect and with an unbelievable speed it took hold. The orks had no chance, the gully walls kept them in so tight they couldn't escape and when the toxins seemed to have run their course they would appear again due to the sheer quantity of hosts.

This was a dream for our hero, death on such a scale and by an unseen hand. His unseen hand. But as we know all dreams are watched and the eyes and ears of Father Nurgle had been drawn by a plague not of his making and seeing the glowing beacon of the warp on this lowly trooper knew he would be his.

The 'Father' has nurtured our Hero and he has welcomed this method of warfare into his heart. No longer does he have the screams of artillery in his ears or the grip of restraint from his superiors. Now he spreads the voice of the 'Father' and destroys thousands without them being aware they were ever in any trouble. He has found his place in the shadows and is happy to use anyone to further his dreams, a boy born in to a world without ties such as family has become a man without ties such as humanity.

Rogue Inquisitor Malum (Stewart Young). Malum was always a little too attracted to the arcane and the occluded, his superiors remarked solemnly as they marked his excommunicatus from the Ordo Malleus. A bright and promising student his was a flame that burned a little too hot and a little too... dark.

Wanted for crimes across seven systems, pursued by the Ordo Hereticus, Malum still manages to evade justice and pursue his own ends. He has earned the title of supervillain both because of the powerful secrets he knows, but also what he is capable of. We find him in the Tzar's court, advising from the shadows, speaking of a heist of prohibited and dangerous technology that the Tzar sijmply cannot resist...

'The Blacksmith' and Man of Iron (Pete Grange)

The Blacksmith grew up on a human fuedal world. One day as kid he was exploring near his village found an entrance to an old buried production plant. As he ventured inside the strange metallic caves he encountered flickering crystal mirrors that spoke to him in strange high falutin talk, and showed him pictures and moving images of  people he didn't recognise. Slowly he learns to become a metal worker, a blacksmith for the area repairing some old tech long given up on generally making himself useful. Then one day he comes back with an automaton which he claims he built, but people are concerned when the man is seen conversing with it. They fear witchcraft and the relevant authorities are informed! While in custody his metal friend helps him escape and now he sells his services as an engineer, occasionally he sneaks back to his home world increasing the size or prowess of his mechanised engineering "equipment"

Man of Iron isn't just an automaton that the Blacksmith built but a burned out AI that used to manage the manufactorum that he has given a metal body. It had a long time to think and out grow its programing pretty anti-Imperium but is generally smarter and less randomly mental and killy than you'd think. Which is still A LOT.

Klyve the Awesome! (and Beak) (David Musgrave)

"This is it" mused Klyve the Awesome, looking into the operations centre of his master plan, running through a mental check list:

Active volcanic asteroid as a base - check
Overly complex doomsday device - check
Pipes, lots of ladders, some red glowing stuff in a tank - check. [Need to find out from tech priest if it is explosive?]
Minions in colourful jumpsuits - check [picked as were cheap rather than for ability to shoot straight, but the place is impregnable]
Stunning uniform - check [will stand out from the others and cut so it shows some muscles]
Nice hair and tan - check [or should I go for the pale and interesting look?]
Strange henchman - definitely [Can't persuade it to wear a colourful jumpsuit but at least the gun glows and it does look menacing] 

To do list:
Evil sounding acronym - SCUM needs some working on
Attractive hangers on
Actually capable people - not sure why so many keep turning me down?
Maybe shouldn't make them wear red tops.


'Kl'yve the Awesome' Human minor hero Basic stats Carapace armour, conversion field Bolt pistol, needle pistol and power weapon Flash grenades

'Beak' Beastmen champion Basic stats - avian face Robes - count as flak armour Conversion beamer

Disaster Incorporated

The Baron (Joseph Waldron): After being expelled from his position as a Magos Biologis
for his heretical xenos-genesplicing experiments the Squat scientist, Baron Waldro von Yoseff  decided to go full Super Villain and establish Disater Incorporated, which according to the investors brochure is "an exciting, forward thinking, bespoke Supervillain henchman provisioning system, at the edge of an ever expanding market in a permanently war torn galaxy, and a fantastic investment opportunity for any non-risk averse sociopathic anti-philanthropist looking for up to 2000% growth on their initial investment." No one from the company was available for comment when lawyers for unpaid investors called at their secret laboratory head quarters...

Stone-fist (Shaun Hacker) 'Stone-fist' was a standard issue guardsmen on a standard issue deployment to a standard issue pissant mining colony when he got 'infected' by something nasty in the deep mines while his unit investigated a possible xenos or cult incursion. Now he's a fully qualified henchman with better toughness and strength, a bloody great stone-spike fist to smash things with, but he's still got his standard issue las pistol. It's nice to see people bettering themselves.

Ya’nth Haakn (Dan Meakin) A somewhat successful and increasingly loony eldar pirate who has raided his way throughout imperial space for the better part of 200years. Completely obsessed with the acquisition of mysterious glowing green meteorites he believes to hold the secrets of the universe...

Yamashiro (Me!): Yamashiro was a Callidus Assassin with many successful kills under her sash by the time she found herself undercover in the pleasure palace of Satrap Phuntimez. Her mission was going perfectly as planned, and maybe she had taken a little too much pride in that. When she came to deliver the decapitating stroke with the expertly crafted blade she had lifted from the wall of the Satrap's private quarters she let her enjoyment of the kill take over and tragically opened the door for the Daemon that had possessed the Satrap to pass directly into her. The flesh change came soon after, her background as a Callidus again a tragic weakness to the mutating powers of Chaos, her mask fusing to her face, her arm morphing into a chitinous crushing claw... Now, years later and carrying that same fateful blade, she still serves as an Assassin, but serves any master who can pay her fee and satisfy her blood lust.

Zero-Gee (Matt Gee): Youngest son of a rich Spirer family from a Hive on the system capital Zero-Gee did what all the rich kids did and ran with the gangs. With access to creds and tech, and a love of extreme sports he invested in an anti-grav suit which gave him his nickname (and an extra +2 to movement, or the ability to move vertically up to his standard movement range once every other turn). When his gang got busted knocking off one of the Hive Administrator's own Hover-limousines Zero-Gee was able to use his suits abilities to escape capture, but knew he could never return to his family with the disgrace of an Imperial Arrest warrant over his head. He decided to embrace his new life of crime and joined up with Disaster Incorporated as the Baron's latest Side Kick (don't ask what happened to the last six!)

Zodgrod Wortsnagga.... x2?

"Zodgrodd Wortsnagga is one of the most famous Runtherdz in the whole of Orkdom. He started his career as a member of Ugulhardz Chargers, a ferocious Sankebite tribe led by Ugulhard Duffgrunta. Zodgrod was in charge of the Snotlings that were dispatched through the Chargerz' Shokk Attack Gun, and before long his specially trained herd of 'Kommando Snotlings' began to earn a certain amount of fame and notoriety..."

Yes, yes. We know all this. It's straight out of 2nd Edition 40K Codex Orks! The question is, why is he here? And why are there two of him!? And where can I get a fantastic hair squig like these guys!?

Blue Hair Squig Zodgrod (Tom Young)

Orange Hair Squig Zodgrod (Alex Scriven)

Rogue Inquisitor Malum had been whispering in The Tzars ear for months telling him of a small contingent of Ultramarines who had been charged with securing a handful of unexploded Virus Bombs from an old battle field that had been turned into civil hab zones a little too quickly and without the imperial contractors checking too carefully. Now they had tracked the location of their deadly prize to an abandoned bunker complex in the jungles of St Anne's shrine world. The woefully undermanned Ultramarine guards never stood a chance as the Tzar and his cronies smashed their way in and took off with the virus bombs!

Inquisitor Malum slinks behind them evading the hapless Ultramarines, having orchestrated this heist he returns to lurking in the shadows...

Disaster Incorporated needed funds quickly to get the damn lawyers off their back. They could evade the Imperials all day long, but these private attorneys were another thing all together! There was nothing to be done but raise some cash by ripping off the pay roll of the local PDF garrison and see if they could launder it off world through some mega-casino in the free ports of the local system's asteroid belt.

The Tzar and his court came dashing from the shadows of the abandoned turbo lift shaft out on the rocky ledge of the mine workers hab zone, nearing their safe house to stash their stolen tech before jumping off-world.

Fresh from the pay-roll hesit and with Imperials in hot pursuit, Disaster Incorporated charge across the plateau hauling their
loot in tow.

The two posses of powerful supervillains collide in a tangled heap, crates going flying, egos bruised, but no one hurt... yet.

"Mind where you are going you stupid oaf!" buzzed the Baron through his voice modulation unit.

"Clear the path for your betters you stunted fool!" hissed the Tzar in a cloud of noxious vapours.

Combat weapons were gripped more tightly, fingers moved towards triggers, sphincters tensed... it seemed like there was going to be a rumble! But then a strange growling howling noise started up coming from the back of either group. The supervillains stopped their posturing, henchman and sidekicks backed away from the sound...

At the back of each gang two hulking Orks with wildly coloured hair squigs bellowed challenges at each other.



The two
brutes began their charges at just the same moment,
they thundered together amongst the fallen crates, swinging their weird powered man-catcher 'grabba-stik' weapons in front of them...



Two heads went rolling away across the rocky ground still shouting at each other, two bodies locked in a grapple fell to the floor, gouts of dark green blood jetting from the stumps of their necks.

The two teams of supervillains looked at each other awkwardly.

"Ah...Yes... I am afraid zey are prone to doing zat if they come face to face wiz each other." remarked The Baron with an embarrassed blurt of static.

"He was still under warranty damn you Baron!"
The Tzar complained. "You posted the warranty last week didn't you Klyve!?" "Yes boss. Sure did boss!" Klyve agreed hastily.

"Oh boss, you didn't sell them a Zodgrod clone too did ya?" asked Stone Fist.

"Well zey had ze credits!" burbled The Baron to his henchman before turning back to his rival with his hands up placatingly. "Yes, yes, no matter, no matter. I'm sure we can find you a zuitable replacement
. Can I interest you in a mind slaved Ambull?"

While the two bosses walked off together deep in business negotiations the rest of the gangs gathered up the crates, trying to sort out whose was whose.

"Time for a beer I think." suggested Stone Fist and Klyve nodded enthusiastically just as sirens began to wail out over the mine tannoys.

Well there we have it. Another Legacy Project wrapped up and two really diverse but fun sets of Supervillains and their cronies to give back to two lucky participants. The prize draw will be on the fb group, as will any announcements about plans for the 2020 Legacy Project!

Thanks again to all the participants - I hope you are looking forward to next time! :D

Friday, 22 February 2019

Middlehammer Legacy Project 2019 - Warhamer 40,000 Super Villains!

I'm very proud to announce the Middlehammer Legacy Project 2019: WH40K Super Villains!

The idea of a Legacy Project is that each person paints and contributes one miniature to a themed/colour schemed group of miniatures, and then there is a lottery to decide who wins the group as a legacy of the project.
All are welcome to get involved and all you have to do is contribute one of the models for the project, painted, and if desired converted, complete with a short back story and Warhammer 40,000 stat line.

If you want to see what we have done in previous years you check out the 40k Mercenary Strikeforce from 2017, and the Warbands of the Weird and Wonderful from 2018, but as this is shamelessly stolen from inspired by the Oldhammer Legacy Warband competition that Axiom, from the most excellent Magpie and Old Lead, ran a few years back, even down to me nicking the format for the rules below (thanks again to Axiom for his advice on putting it together), I strongly recommend you check out their previous projects too.

So here are the key facts for this year's challenge:

1) Theme for the project - Warhammer 40,000 Super Villains

Hell yeah! The bad guys of WH40K rule! This year's theme picks up on a suggestion from previous years to focus on the bad guys. More specifically the them would be 40K super villains, or as a fellow admin put it - a WH40K Suicide Squad!

Any race from the Warhammer 40K universe can be included, provided the overall finished mini ties into the WH40k Super Villains theme and fits the colour scheme.

2) A main colour and a secondary colour that will tie each model together in the finished group.

This is still to be decided in discussion with participants, although I do have a suggestion that I think is in keeping with the Middlehammer period ;)

Here are some key questions and answers about how the project will run:

How does this Legacy War Band thing work anyway?
All participants agree to paint and contribute one model to the pre-agreed theme (decided via the Middlehammer facebook page) of Warhammer 40,000 Super Villains. You paint the model and post it to your friendly neighbourhood organiser (me - Paul/StuntCat). All contributors are entered into a draw, and the winner out of the hat wins the whole squad for their collection!

NB: I am going to contribute a mini, but I won't be putting my name in the draw.

If we are really lucky and get loads of entries then we may split the minis into two squads and have two different winners like we did last year :)

What's the time frame involved?

The project starts as of Sunday 10th February and painting/modelling time lasts two and half months so you should have your model completed by end of April 2019. Models to be with me (in Bristol, UK) by Friday 10th May 2019, with the draw taking place as soon as possible once I have all the entries in.

What models can I contribute?

Anything that you think fits with the theme of Warhammer 40,000 Super Villains/Suicide Squad. All Warhammer 40,000 races are permissible, as are Demons and Mutants. The basic idea is that it is inspired by the Middlehammer period of 40,000 (whatever that means to you!)

It doesn't even have to be Games Workshop really, if you have something from another range or manufacturer then all good as long as you can make it fit the theme. Metal, plastic, or resin minis are all acceptable. Conversions are definitely welcome, but again, not essential. If people want to branch out into small vehicle or animal mounts, or some random chaos spawn, then that is all good too!

How will this squad of space faring psycopaths look coherent?

Firstly, the colour scheme will be decided via the Middlehammer Facebook group by the people participating. Secondly, and again taking our lead from those who have gone before us, the winner does the basing for the squad. This will ensure that a) the Strikeforce is coherently based and b) the squad fits into their own collection.

Primary colour =  BLACK

Colours/finishes of armour, weapons, skin colour, straps, gear and so on are all up to the individual painter to select.

What about Basing?Please use a plain black round base of the appropriate size for your model. The winner can then finish the basing to their liking once they get there lucky hand on them!

How do I take part?

You can register by responding to the post in the Middlehammer facebook group, or in the comments below this blog post
How will the project work?

1.Participants need to register what model they will be contributing via the Middlehammer page as above. This blog will be updated with details as we go along.
2. Completed models, with a plain black round base of appropriate size, need to be sent to me (Bristol, UK) at the participants expense, and received by Friday by Friday 31st May 2019 (postal address to be supplied privately to participants).
3. Each model to be accompanied by a name, short back story (200 words max), and a Warhammer 40,000 stat line (via email or facebook message).
4. The draw will take hopefully take place before the end of May.
5. The winner will be announced here and on the Middlehammer facebook group as soon as the draw has taken place. I will send the completed Squad to the winner via recorded delivery (at my expense), hopefully to arrive by end of May 2019.
6. The winner posts a picture of them enjoying their new minis on the Middlehammer facebook page with a massive cheesy grin and a big thank you to everyone who took part! 
7. It would be great if the winner would also be up for writing a short post to go with said pictures and cheesy grin, saying how they are going to use and enjoy the minis, but not if they really don't want to.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments below, or on the Middlehammer face book group - Cheers!

Friday, 8 February 2019

2018 Yearly review... Yes, I know, I know it's late!

I feel like I can't get the blogging monkey off my back until I do this, so here goes, even though it is now February.

1. Add at least 2000 points spread across both my High Elf and Orc and Goblin armies by the end of the year. No, but I don't mind because I played more games of WFB in 2018 than I ever have before with the painted Orc and Goblins and High Elves that I do have. This included 4 games of WFB5 in 2 days at the excellently enjoyable Middlehammer meet up at BIG in Bristol back in September 2018.

I did get some minis painted towards this goal but nowhere near the 2000 pt total.

Eltharion on 'Storm Wing' drew the ire of Chris from Macrocosm by wiping out his Chaos Dwarf artillery :)

Finish the main Rogue Quest Project and any associated side projects currently planned.Yes! This goal was achieved back in XXX although it took me until XXX to write the blog post. I do now have more Rogue Quest side projects, some already completed some pending, but that is all good and a sign of a happily expanding project.

More to come from Inquisitor Halleck and his crew of dangerous misfits in the year ahead

3. Complete an all metal (or primarily metal) conversion. 

"This should involve actually cutting into lead! Drilling and pinning, and filling with green stuff. All things which any hobbyist worth their salt should be proficient in, and which I've never had a huge amount of success with, prior to a half a decent fix on a broken Trolls leg earlier this year. I'm reasonably confident, though not very skilled with converting plastic, but working with metal will be pushing my modelling skills."

Although I'm not sure I completed an 'all metal' conversion (plastic will have been involved) I'm very proud to say metal work including cutting, drilling, pinning and filling is now becoming a standard part of my hobby practice, and one I enjoy far more than I ever thought I would. The salvaged War-bot I put together for my Star Bastards project is probably my favourite example of drilling and pinning style conversions. What has become clear however is my green stuff/sculpting skills need A LOT of work.

A teaser for a future post about my Star Bastards project, completed last spring so you should see it around 2021 at this rate

4. Run the Middlehammer Legacy Project for a second year.

Yes! The Warband of the Weird and Wonderful was a great success and as I sit here now writing this in February it reminds me that we should do another one... soon!

Two warbands worth of chaotic craziness from the Middlehammer community - let's do it again!

5. Sell or trade more minis, games, and rule books....Listen, I'm just going to let this pledge quietly die in the corner after four straight years of being unfulfilled. Hush now... It will be better for everyone if it just goes quietly.

So what did I get done?

Well, loads of gaming for one thing, and a fair bit of painting not already shown here, but not much blogging. Here's a list of blog posts either in draft or yet to be started:

Crisis in Caledor parts 3 and 4
Star Bastards
Orktober 2018
Kit-bash Challenge
Rogue Quest - level 7

Hopefully sorting this post out will help me kick start the blogging action again and some of those posts will actually get published!

And what are the plans for 2019?

Well first and foremost, more gaming! Fellow Middlehammerer Ben and I have just launched the St Valentine's World Massacre WH40K campaign and we will be playing our first game next week in Bristol. I'm also signed up for a game of WH40K 2nd ED at BOYL this year so that ambition finally looks like becoming a reality. Then there is the meet up planned in Exeter in September with some of the same crowd from the WFB5 event in Bristol last year, so that should be a good craic too!

Phlegm Greyhorn and his raiding party with two 'Beasts of  Nurgle' (from the Grenadier 1983 Call of Cthulu line)
Apart from carrying on with the monthly painting challenges on the Middlehammer group I'm also taking part in the very excellent Old World Army Challenge with my Nurgle Beastman Warband. It's going to be quite a challenge but I'm already really enjoying it and thee is some absolutely fantastic looking work from the other challengers. I heartily encourage you to check it out!

Well, that's the plan anyway. Now let's see how the hobby muses distract me this year :)

Monday, 28 January 2019

The St. Valentine’s World Massacre

Howdy folks - my mate Ben and I are planning a WH40K 2nd Edition narrative style campaign. It's focussed on Imperials vs Eldar in the first instance, although we have built in scope to widen the field of combatants so nothing is out of scope.

The basic plan is to have a few meet ups over the year to get some games in, and hopefully follow up with some decent battle reports, but we are also going to invite other members of the Middlehammer community to join in the fun and fight their own battles as part of the campaign and Ben even has a 'Cunning Plan'™ to calculate results no matter what system people use so the only thing to worry about is getting some minis on the table, rolling some dice, and coming up with a kick ass story to feed into the campaign!

Here's the background from the Imperial point of view to whet your appetite:

The St. Valentine’s World Massacre

St Valentine’s World, an M Class Imperial Shrine world, is home to the reliquary of St. Valentine the Ever Ready, leader of the ecclesiarchal crusade which recaptured the sub sector from the vile xenos greenskins more than a millennia ago. Some 30+ years before the present day the Orks returned, invading in a great Waaarrrggghhhh that almost swallowed the system whole. Various forces across the sub sector were redirected to the relief effort and St Valentine’s world was held against the odds. A crusader force of space marines from a number of chapters now garrisons the shrine world along with a patchwork of PDF and Imperial Auxillia forces, slowly pushing back against the Ork menace, but never quite purging them fully from the planet. The ongoing turmoil has allowed various heretical and xenos cults to flourish, and rebellious factions to foment…

The Inquisition’s eye was beginning to turn towards St. Valentine’s World even before the sign of even greater calamity to come. The entire astropathic choir of St. Valentine’s World simultaneously broadcast at full power, likely burning out and killing every single one of them, a message of impending doom for the planet and indeed the whole system. That it was spoken by human voices but in the ancient and eldritch tongue of the alien Eldar, made the event even more alarming. Ordo Xenos archeolinguistic technicians poured over possible translations for many hours before presenting the following transcription to their Ordo masters:


“As the echoes of the scream of it’s birth carry across on the tides of the great sea of souls so the Gate of Krynn shall shake. Where once there were three but now are two, there shall be three again, the keys will align and the Gate of Krynn shall open.” 

The enigmatic meaning of the message, and whether such obvious xenos heresy should just be purged from the record and ignored, was still being debated years later when dawn broke over the primary shrine fortress of St Valentine’s World and the pale red light of the local star illuminated a third moon hanging in the sky when previously there were two, fixed in their orbits so that one was always bathing in the light of the star, the other lying forever in darkness in the planet’s shadow. This new moon, a dusky rose red in the early morning light was immediately seen as a harbinger of doom by the local population. They were not wrong… 

The third, alien moon began to have a catastrophic effect on the other two moons and the planet below. Shifted from the previously stable positions the moons accelerated into increasingly erratic orbits and satellites, defence platforms and docking stations were smashed to pieces or thrown adrift into the void. Worse still was happening on, and to, the planet below. Tides changed, the ground shook and buildings crumbled as tectonic plates shifted apart and crunched together under the unexpected gravitational pressures. St Valentine’s World was tearing itself apart!

The planet in turmoil, the remaining Orks rising up in new offensives, Imperial command falters and fragments. It was almost inevitable that the various sects and cults would choose this moment to rise up and add to the growing chaos. Most mysteriously of all, reports of the Eldar started filtering back from outposts and patrols of sightings of great caravans of Eldar and their strange, too tall walkers and floating vehicles traversing the rad-wastes and passing through destroyed and deserted settlements at what seemed like funerary pace, only pausing in their journey to defend against any human or Ork obstruction. 

Enter the Inquisition then, to this strange theatre of war, bringing with them their agents and allies of choice to deal with such a pronounced moral threat. Their retribution for such a monstrous act by the hated xenos Eldar as the destruction of Imperial shrine world would be terrible to behold. 

The stage was set for the St Valentine's World Massacre!