Monday, 1 May 2017

Mayday! Mayday! Painting Challenge 2017


Do you have miniature projects in desperate need of rescue from obscurity, mistreatment, and horrendous half finished paint jobs*!?

*(all from previous owners, obvs.😉 )
Need some motivation? Well then, this is the monthly painting challenge for you my friend!

The idea for this challenge is that it provides motivation to pick up and crack on with one of those projects we all have gathering dust and cluttering up our painting queues. It's
a hobby project, not a competition, but the challenge is to share your projects as they are now and then finish (or get as far as you can) by the end of May before sharing your results with the community.

For last year's Mayday! Mayday! project I rescued a unit of Middlehammer era Goblin Wolf Riders (WFB 6th Edition?) that I had bought in a half built/half broken, part painted state from e-bay for cheapness a few years previously and had never got table ready. It got me to try out press moulding for the first time, and I haven't looked back since then, using the technique in scenery projects as well as simple mini repairs on a regular basis (I'm a late developer hobby wise 😉 ).

Goblin Wolf Riders - My finished project for Mayday! Mayday! 2016

This year I'm going to try and develop a painting skill and the project I've selected is going to require me to adapt my painting style to match someone else's existing work. This is something I've tried before with mixed results and I have a few examples of job lots of minis in my stash where this might be a more practical option, so it could be a useful skill in the future.

A while back I picked up a handful of Plague Bearers (3rd Edition 40k era?) that had been mostly painted but needed finishing, and then a while later I got a second batch unpainted that I thought to do in the same style as the ones I already had. 
That was about 3 years ago...
Anyway, here they are now. 
Plague Bearers - My project for Mayday! Mayday! 2017
A bit of putty was required to fill the gaps in the basing left by the previous owner - no really this time! - and the others have been undercoated black ready to go. It's only a modest number of models, partly as I have lots of other projects on the go at the moment (isn't that how I got into this mess in the first place!?), but partly because I expect to have to do a bit of experimentation and correcting of mistakes with these. I'll be happy if the six of them don't look like two completely different units at the end of the month.

So, what are you going to be dusting off, gluing back together, and painting up into the shining jewel of your collection by the end of the month!?

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for project updates.

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