Monday, 20 March 2017

Middlehammer Legacy Strikeforce: Stats and background

Howdy folks!

Well things are definitely progressing, the first of the Strikeforce minis have reached me from farthest flung northern Europe, and we've had more updates from David and AVP Shaun on their entires. I can't wait to see all these guys together and get them set up for a group shot!

So, next steps are to come up with names, backgrounds, and stat lines for these bad ass motherfunsters! I love this bit and I'm really looking forward to what people come up with for their various mercs 😀

Thanks again go to Pete Grange for helping out with this and bouncing some ideas around!

Rogue Trader Stats

The standard Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader stat line will be largely familar even to players of later editions of 40K, all of the familiar elements are there, the major difference being the additional range of 'mental' stats reflecting the more Roleplaying Skirmish Game nature of RT compared to later 40K. In addition to the familar Leadership (Ld) score, we also have Intelligence (Int), Cool (Cl), and Will Power (WP).

Example RT stat line

I've captured a few of the basic profiles, which I hope cover all the races/troop types that we have represented in the Strikeforce (so far at least!):

Now, tweaking to suit background and to make these glory hunting psycopaths stand out from the crowd is encouraged, and I think people should go with what best suits their idea rather than being bound too much by 'rules', but do remember stats can go down as well as up!

For example, Hudd Paxton, Human Mercenary, is going to have a higher S and BS than your average human, but he is a tad unstable so his WP and Cool stats are going to drop:

Hudd's back story

Hudd Paxton grew up in Scottstown, a medium sized mass-agri settlement on Ridley's World. His family worked hard for the local Imperial task masters, and it was a source of pride when the young Hudd was drafted into the IG regiments being conscripted for the campaign to liberate nearby colony world LV426(b) from unknown Xenos infestation.

Poor Hudd has no idea what happened on LV426(b), his mind having been wiped by the Commisariat after the campaigns conclusion, a proces which unfortunately left him a little unhinged. He developed pyromaniac tendancies and a pessimistic outlook which eventually saw him 'accidentally' left behind by his battalion on a remote outpost after an unfortunate incident saw the units entire supply of Malted Recyclahol go up in flames, and the rest of the camp with it. Two days later Hudd looked up, having grown tired of watching the pretty flames, and realised he was on his own...

With his valuable skills as a combat technician Hudd soon hooked up with a band of mercs, his morality about what jobs they took a secondary consideration as long he was allowed to use his favourite industrial flame thrower. Now, if only he could stop himself trying to lick the promethium pilot light again...

Hudd Paxton, Human Mercenary and semi professional fire eater

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more updates on the motely crew that make up the Middlehammer Legacy Strikeforce!

RIP Bill Paxton (May 17, 1955 – February 25, 2017) - "Game over man. Game over."

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