Sunday, 2 October 2016

Any ol' ion, any ol' ion, ION OH-ION!

Yeah. This is a bit of a weird one. A tribute to an early 90s commercial with a Chaz and Dave style jingle that has been a constant earworm of mine ever since my childhood.

Hammerite Metal Paint.

The advert had three or four knights in different coloured armour dancing about a junk yard, painting each other in coats of rust resistant paint. For some reason this image has always made me chcuckle and has stuck with me down the years.

You may also be familiar with Alternative Armies Ion-Range which includes the Bob Olley sculpted Retained/Crusader Knights. I first picked one of these up years ago and always liked the combination of bulky armour with rudimentary tech. I started painting him up as a bounty hunter for use in Necromunda style skirmish games, but a seed of an idea was growing and I never finished him, with a mind to picking up a couple more at some point in the future. Which I eventually did.

So, now I have three bulky knights-in-power-armour types in need of a colour scheme and a this damned earworm I need to get rid of... let the early 90's mash up commence with the Hammerite Bountyhunter Brothers!

This was the first one I got and which spawned the idea. The green came first, I was convinced one of the knights in the commercial was green, but it turns out I was wrong. I didn't let that stop me though!
I can't actually see this pose in the catalog page I linked to above. Does anybody know if it is a later or variant release?

Again I couldn't see tihs exact pose in the catalog, but this looks to be a variant of Crusader Marine 3

I kept the leather brown and blue-grey colour scheme for the equipment, lookingto both tie the models together and emphasise the low tech nature of their kit, hinting at replaceable parts and vulnerable spots.

Pretty sure this pose is Crusader Marine 11 from the catalogue above

The decision to stick to the blue-grey for the back-pack doesn't work as well with this one as an individual, but I wasn't going to change it as it would mean the models didn't tie in as well as a group. I'm happy enough with how it came out.
Obligatory group shot from CCTV footage of the refinery fire at Glaz-prom in Sub-sector 7, shortly before all those Scumniks got shot up over in Sub-sector 6 last month...

I just hope this little side project, years in the making and finished earlier this Summer, exorcises that demon earworm of a jingle!

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