Sunday, 24 January 2016

Quest completed... or have I been cheated?

I've just bagged myself an MB7 Marauder Giant from e-bay!

I've been after one of these seriously for the last few months. It was a model I loved and admired throughout my teenaged years of warhammer collecting and playing, but sort of forgot about as my group of friends only really persisted with WH40k.

I never thought I'd own one.

But then one of my sort of not quite new years Oldhammer resolutions is to stop buying junk lots of e-bay and go for some quality merchandise, and my Orc and Gobbo Army is coming along in collecting terms and already has a number of feature items (Marauder Orc Shaman on Wyvern WIP and Grenadier Orc General's Wolf Chariot in the Dettol as I type), but a Marauder Giant would both act as THE showstopper for the Greenskin armies, prove a formiddable PC killer in my D&D campaign, and fulfill the criteria of being a choice Oldhammer collectors item, if not of the first rank, still a serious piece of lead.

I won this one for slightly less than I have bid previously and lost out, but probably slightly more than the standard going rate. I should be happy right?


I'm now really worried it's a recast.

There are a couple of things that are not quite right when I take a really good look at the picture - the detailing is a lightly soft in places, and there seems to be a little flash left in places there probably shouldn't be - not super obvious from the photo at first glance. It is also possible that some of the pieces that should be seperate have actually been recast while still glued together. And I have some other concersn that it would not be right to share at this point, because I may be a paranoid lune....

.... we shall have to wait and see, as I have paid for the beast and I await with trepidaton whether I have been a fool, or whether one of my Oldhammer quests for 2016 has been completed already!?

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